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Chili Chocolate

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In one of the many charming little streets in the food capital of Stavanger, you’ll find Chili Chocolate. The chocolate factory is located in the premises of a former craftsman, a goldsmith. There is still gold and craftsmanship in these premises, namely a chocolate maker’s gold.

It was in 2016 that friends Asle and Melissa, who are now partners, opened their doors in the center of Stavanger. We have a burning desire to deliver great taste experiences with high quality ingredients, and with French Valrhona as the only chocolate supplier, we have been given the title “Valrhona Expert” Local ingredients of the highest quality, such as spruce shoot syrup from Jæren, blueberries from Melsheia or mint from our own garden, are of course included.

The store is overflowing with exclusive confectionery with delicate and exciting flavors, chocolate figures of all sizes, French macaroons, chili jam, licorice balls, “Auntie’s candy” and ice cream.

Melissa was born and raised in Denmark, but has now put down roots in Stavanger. She is a creative soul, which the Chili Chocolate shop benefits from.
Quality is also something Melissa values very highly, whether it’s in day-to-day production or when testing new products. She loves handing out samples to the sweet-hungry “siddis” and Rogalendingene when she’s out and about at markets and festivals in the region. With several years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry, she meets customers with a big smile and the best service in the store.

From the store, you can see right into the production facilities. There’s a good chance you’ll see Asle, the chocolate maker, busy making some of the many delicious products that will be available in the store, or testing out new recipes. Asle moved to France when he was 17 to train as a chef. He quickly found that it was the sweet corner he liked best, and after his chef training, Asle decided to stay in France. As an apprentice at a family-run patisserie with its own chocolate department, the dream of starting something of his own began to germinate. But it would take 11 years before the dream became a reality, and the two partners Melissa and Asle and their families opened Chili Chocolate AS.

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