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Welcome to Oslo!

Oslo, Norway’s capital, is the heart of Norway and one of the cities with the biggest potential when it comes to traveling and sightseeing. The city’s natural beauty and several green areas, centered in the innermost part of the Oslo fjord, makes it worth visiting. Oslo has plenty of attractions, parks, and other sites like all the museums on the peninsula Bygdøy, Vigelandsparken, the castle park connected to the Royal Castle, Akershus fortress og much more. Oslo is known for its hidden treasures like “Mathallen” (a hall which includes tasteful dishes from Norway and many other countries around the world), and chain restaurants that have menus for any sort of taste! Some of Europe’s best cocktail bars can also be found in Oslo!

As well as having an increasing amount of attractions to offer, Oslo is also one of the fastest-growing capitals in Europe. A great example of this is in the part of Oslo known as The Barcode. Here you can, amongst other fascinating buildings, find the new Opera house. It lies in the cove of the Oslo fjord, where the city has been situated since the early 1000’s. Here you can see the sheer amount of newly introduced and modern buildings and facilities.

The possibilities in Oslo are endless, as there are always new gems to be discovered and paths to be explored. The city has a lively nightlife but is also idyllic and safe in the bright mornings.

With a hop on – hop off ticket, you can explore the attractions you find to be the most eye-catching at your own pace so that you get the most out of your stay.

We visit most of the well-known museums and sites with guided commentary that will provide you with all the information needed in a total of 8 different languages.
Our tours will ensure you have a wonderful and interesting stay in the city.

With all these opportunities we can promise you that you will have many good

memories from your visit to Oslo.